Last week, at the 2015 Kentucky Derby American Pharaoh may have won the race, but we felt we definitely stole the show. In partnership with Levy Restaurants, we installed nine tabletop machines at Churchill Downs, the famous venue of the Kentucky Derby, in Louisville, Kentucky. The machines were installed as a part of the $4.2 million renovation made to the Winner’s Circle Suites for this year’s races.

Guests of these suites included owners of the horses participating in the Kentucky Derby and Oaks Lily races. Each machine was filled with the traditional Kentucky Derby drink menu which included the Old Forester Mint Julep, a Derby classic, along with the Grey Goose Oaks Lily and Woodford Reserve Whiskey Sour. Guests were given wristbands with unique RFID codes which they used to browse and pour directly from the machine. The Winner’s Circle Suites servers also used the machines as a quick and clean method of pouring drinks for their suite guests. In total, the machines poured over 4,000 drinks throughout the three-day event.

In addition to Churchill Downs, we also installed machines at Arlington Park, a race track in Chicago that is also owned by Churchill Downs and managed by Levy Restaurants. Arlington used machines during their Opening Day on Saturday May 2. Also, NATIV Hotel in downtown Denver, CO will have machines installed in their brand new hotel. NATIV built a custom elevator lobby lounge designed around Monsieur machines, while also placing a machine in a high-end suite.

We plan to continue to install machines in various sports and entertainment venues, hotels, and movie theaters across the country.