A few months ago a local writer reached out to us requesting an interview. Osayi Endolyn was very interested in trying Monsieur for herself to see if the cocktails were truly up to snuff. We happily invited Osayi to our office for a tasting demo. Needless to say, like most people who try a drink poured by Monsieur for the first time, she was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the cocktail. Our conversation can been found in the September issue of Atlanta Magazine (pg. 59). Below is a excerpt from the article…

Robot, Make It a Negroni
There’s a new bartender on the scene, but this one isn’t listening to you relationship problems
by Osayi Endolyn

Thanks to a team of engineering and finance grads from Georgia Tech, cocktail culture has a new on-demand button. Meet Monsieur, am artificially intelligent robot that can shake up cocktails from scratch in just a few seconds. If you can use a microwave, you can figure out Monsieur. Calling to mind a 21-century jukebox for grownups, its comes in two sizes: tabletop and the hefty kiosk, which includes a small side table that houses cups, an ice tray, and garnishes like lime wheels and fresh blackberries…

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