Monsieur changes the on-premise drinking experience. Add a revenue stream or reduce lost sales by installing machines in locations that would be expensive to install a permanent bar.

Increase alcohol points of sale without adding staff to improve speed of service. Manage the costs, loss and theft related to beverage operations. Exercise greater control over self-service while improving the guest experience in premium areas.


Barback is Monsieur’s web-based application that allows business owners to remotely monitor and configure their machines.

  • Overview:
    A high-level view of what’s happening across your fleet of machines in real time.
  • Real-time Machine Diagnostics:
    Monitor each machines’ activity and ingredient levels to predict customers’ needs and allocate resources when and where they are needed most.
  • Event Analytics:
    Discover cocktail trends, compare machine and drink performance, and forecast patron orders for upcoming events to optimize beverage operations.
  • Theme Creator:
    Build new themes by creating new cocktail recipes and customizing the machines digital assets to fit a location or special event.


Personalize your Monsieur experience with your Bartender in your Pocket. Use the mobile app to locate Monsieur machines, browse cocktail menus and place an order from an Android or iOS device.

  • User Profiles:
    Through your user profile Monsieur will learn your drink preferences and be able to make recommendations based on your order history. You will also be able to store your favorite recipes to enjoy when you see a machine.
  • Machine Discovery:
    Discover all publicly accessible machines to know where drinks can be poured. Browse the available drinks on each publicly accessible machine.
  • Remote Ordering:
    Connect to nearby machines, browse their menus and place a drink order without leaving your seat. Eliminate the need to fumble with cash or credit cards and bill drinks straight to your Monsieur tab.


Order a drink in 3 easy steps. 1. Place a glass in the cup compartment. 2. Scroll through the on-screen cocktail menu. 3. Tap the beverage of your choice to place your order.

Theme Packages

Use one of Monsieur’s unique theme packages or create your own. The themes utilize 8 ingredients to build a menu of drinks. Your machine will come with 8 themes installed.

Drink Menu

Each theme package has up to 30 distinct drink recipes that are poured to perfection. Monsieur’s touchscreen menu makes it easy for you to learn more about your favorite cocktails and discover new ones to try.


Monsieur is compatible with RFID bands to help manage the drinking experience. RFID bands from your venue. Guest can also make quick payments to their RFID bands from their mobile phones. RFID bands are equipped with age verified data.


The on-screen cleaning wizard provides step-by-step instructions on how to clean your Monsieur. No special chemicals or tools are required, and the process only takes a few minutes.


Monsieur is equipped to handle up to 8 separate ingredients. Six ingredients are placed in the cold compartment, and two ingredients are placed in the room temperature compartment.

Loading your Monsieur is easy. Purchase ingredients as usual. Utilizing our bottle adaptors, you can pump directly from the off the shelf alcohol bottles (750mL, 1L and some 1.75mL sizes). Mixers are poured in our custom 1400mL Monsieur ingredient containers.

From the back of your machine, ingredients are placed in the ingredient compartment in positions specific to each Theme Package. Simply snap in the quick connect, and you are ready to go.


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